GSOC 2013 ideas regarding XMPP

Phil Hannent phil at
Tue Apr 9 09:03:16 EDT 2013

Good afternoon developers,

I am interested in signing up as a student this year. I am undertaking
a Masters and one of the modules is about networks and data
communication. I'd like to overlap the two so that I can submit
development work as evidence.

In keeping with that I'd like to work on Marcus Lundblad's great work
on the XMPP file transfer code. Specifically I am thinking about the
XMPP tickets relating to file transfers:

XMPP Tidy up

Gtalk FT using UDP/libnice
Support Jingle file transfers XEP-0234
Thumbnails in file transfer
Insert images into XMPP message
Crash when transferring via XMPP
Crash with corrupt JabberStream
Problem with In-band FT
Jingle Support in for talking
Close of bytestream before last stanza
Incorrect IP detected
Crash with IBB transfer

Whilst there isn't a whole "new" section of code to be written, I
believe that the task of polishing code and debugging is inherently
just as useful.

Two alternative ideas are around more discrete projects:

Stream Management

Support for WhatsApp API/Protocol

I would appreciate feedback on the suitability of any of the three proposals.

Many thanks
Phil Hannent

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