presence storage for non-buddies

Tomasz Wasilczyk tomkiewicz at
Wed Apr 10 07:29:07 EDT 2013


it seems, that libpurple doesn't handle presence information for
non-buddies, even, if protocol supports it.

Two use cases:
- I'm opening a new conversation with unknown contact (Ctrl+M in buddy
list), status doesn't show up [1]; there is also a ticket for that [2]
- I'm in the xmpp MUC and opening conversation with someone, that I
don't have on my buddy list - their status is unknown, despite having
it received via MUC

I don't think this is desired behavior, so I suggest implementing
presence handling for non-buddies. That may include adding additional
callback to PurplePluginProtocolInfo, for requesting status for
buddies not on our list (or maybe for those without presence set?).

I also think, that it could be attached to XMPP GSoC project idea.

What's your opinion?


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