GSoC 2013: Android "proxy" client

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My name is Eduard Bolos and I'm a second year undergrad at Babes-Bolyai
University of Cluj-Napoca, the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.
After looking over the GSoC projects for this year, I decided that it would
be interesting to work on a Android "proxy" client for pidgin.

I have learned Android programming almost a year ago, at a workshop, where
I have won the first place with my team for the best app created there (a
movie collection manager), I have participated at an  Android Hackathon,
and I worked at a medium-to-hard difficulty Android project for someone
recently that involved synchronization between devices across the cloud.

I have a couple of questions about this project. Firstly, do you have
thought on a pairing mode between the mobile and the users's "server" ? And
secondly, the user should be able to respond to the incoming  messages
using the mobile application, or he's only able to see incoming messages as

Also, could you please suggest what I should do in the next days to
get better connected to this projects?

Best regards,
Eduard Bolos
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