[GSOC 2013] Easy plugins with a website

Tomasz Wasilczyk tomkiewicz at cpw.pidgin.im
Sat Apr 13 08:53:30 EDT 2013

2013/4/13 Bhaskar Kandiyal <bkandiyal at gmail.com>:
> I have created a few mockups [1] for the plugins window and I'm hoping
> for some feedback on them. Here's a short description:

I think, these mockups shows too simple interface, which have less
functionality than the current one (there is no details for selected

I will try to provide some mockups later, to show how it should look
in my opinion.

> * Get New Plugins Tab: Here we have two options, either we download a
> list of available plugins and show them in a list view or open up the
> plugins website in a web view and handle the (pidgin:// ?) protocol for
> installing new plugins. The mockup currently shows a list view.

I think embedding gtkwebview will be more flexible. I also think,
there is no need for registering pidgin:// handle - there could be
just hardcoded url prefix for installable plugins.

> * Support for uploading new versions of the plugin

Support for autoupdate/checking for updates would also be handy here.


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