GSOC: Android client potential

Peter Lawler bleeter at
Sat Apr 13 16:20:36 EDT 2013

Just throwing this out into the ring.

Last year, some GSOC work was done to bring the core of Pidgin - 
libpurple - to Android. It's reported as working, albeit with a very 
basic UI. If I recall correctly, it's currently at libpurple 2.10.6, one 
micro release behind current.

I would encourage all students contemplating applying to Pidgin to 
consider working on Pidgin for Android (Pigdroid?)

Whilst I can't speak for the team who will approve applicants, I'm 
merely a semi-retired retired Crazy Patch Writer, I do suspect and hope 
that a good plan to progress this would be a strong candidate for 
acceptance. There seems to be much interest amongst users and (afaik) 
some of the developers in getting this further along.

More details on last year's GSOC Android effort can be found - I encourage people 
to look at it.



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