GSOC: Android client potential

Tobia Tesan tobia.tesan at
Sat Apr 13 17:51:40 EDT 2013

Il 13/04/2013 23:20, Michael Zangl ha scritto:
> * Write something that relays messages from a normal PC to Android, to 
> not need Android staying connected to all the accounts. This could be 
> done by writing a stand-alone client for Android and a plugin for 
> pidgin. Or it can be done by adapting libpurple to support this sort 
> of synchronisation, so that you do not need an Android client for 
> testing, but it will work on Android as soon as libpurple works on 
> Android. This would then also be a nice project for somebody who is 
> not familiar with the JNI or Android API. 

Hi Michael, I'm not sure if I understand what you mean here (I've reread 
the paragraph a hundred times to no avail, I guess I just need more coffee).
Why would this be useful?
Would this be for testing purpouses?

Thanks, sorry.

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