GSoC 2013 - Hello world

kek coo kernel9709 at
Mon Apr 22 02:16:20 EDT 2013

Hello everyone,

I am Su Yu, a graduated student in ECE at H S&T, China. I 've been
using pidgin for years and I
would like to make my own contributions for this open source software.
And I was especially
interested in the idea of Better buddy search.

Before the further discussion of the project idea, I would like to
introduce myself first.
I am a student of  electronics & communication engineering. And I've
been working on
several programming based projects. I have been using C/C++ for 5
years under both windows
and linux systems and I'm famillar with the debugging tools such as
gcc and VS. In addition, I have
good programming habits. I am also familiar with version control
systems such as svn and cvs.

Now let's get down to business. Regarding this idea, I got my own idea
to share with you all.
First of all, when using the searching function, we could only get the
first buddy matching the keyword.
This is not easy to use, I think providing a matching friends list is
a better way for users( including me).
In addition, when using the searching function and the buddy's group
is not expanded, we could not find the
right person in the list. I don't know why pidgin could act in this
way. Maybe I need some time to read the
codes and get a convincing conclusion. What's more, I think it would
be better if we have the partial match
function. For example, I got a friend named Justin, when I type "stin"
in the search blank, I couldn't locate Justin.
At last, I found that when my friend got a alise in the google talk, I
couldn't search by his email address. I think it's
better if we can search content from more fields.

Considering that this idea alone may not be a project big enough, I
would like to add more features to pidgin if possible.
I would be glad to work on any of projects if given a chance. I would
like to do some basic work in the next few days to
help the community decide about my application. If there are any set
of tasks you would like me to perform prior to submitting my
application, please let me know.

Thank you for time. Please feel free to make suggestions and comments
on my idea.

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