GSOC Chat log storage: My thoughts

Mark Doliner mark at
Mon Apr 22 03:56:24 EDT 2013

On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 1:30 PM, Jorge Villaseñor <salinasv at> wrote:
> If the logs will not be stored in plain text, it is a *MUST* to have some
> way to see them without opening pidgin,

I agree 100%.  If the students makes a Gtk chat log viewer that runs
within Pidgin, it shouldn't be too much extra work to build it as a
separate library that's used both from Pidgin and from a standalone
pidginlogviewer application.

> also it should work in command line, no nice-UI-not-working-over-ssh.

That's a fair point.  It seems maybe we would want a separate log
viewer for Finch and for Pidgin.  The Finch log viewer could be
executable as a console-based standalone log viewer, and the Pidgin
log viewer could be executable as a standalone GUI log viewer.

> I don't know how Adium or Instantbird stores the logs, but this SoC will be
> pidgin-specific or libpurple-wide?

I think the code for dealing with SQLite (or whatever) should be in
libpurple.  Adium and other frontends can choose to not use our
logging code and use their own, if they like.

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