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On Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 12:27 PM, M.S. Suraj <mssurajkaiga at> wrote:

> Hi, After going through the discussions regarding buddy search, I decided
> to work on it. I have submitted my proposal but without a timeline. I would
> like to know if the features are sufficient and important enough to be
> considered for a GSoC project before adding a timeline.
> Also, I haven't talked about incremental search since I have a doubt about
> it. If a user types and enters a wrong character and then press backspace,
> wouldn't this require another function..So we have 1. If user enters right
> keys and goes on incrementally, load result using previous search result
> and the incrementing key. 2. If user presses backspace and decrements while
> typing, load the result using the entire search string on entire buddy
> list.
> Won't the 2nd function make the 1st one pointless as 2nd one can work in
> both cases?
Hi Suraj,

Thanks for pointing that out. I do realize what you are hinting at. Even if
we can avoid doing a complete search for forward typed characters  it
should we worth the effort to avoid re-computing the whole search. But as I
already mentioned, it's not the first aim of project -- it'll be a cherry
on cake if we can implement something efficient and can be taken care of
afterwards. Have you looked at how Adium does this feature currently? Maybe
we can borrow some ideas from there?

Though, my inner algorithmic sense cannot help but think of efficient
solutions :-) !

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