/soc/2013/ankitkv/gobjectification: 20188870cc4b: Bump the GPlug...

Ankit Vani a at nevitus.org
Sun Aug 4 08:43:46 EDT 2013

On 4 August 2013 16:21, Eion Robb <eion at robbmob.com> wrote:
> So if plugin types are dropped, will prpl's just have to create a concrete
> extension of the PurplePluginProtocolInfo abstract class instead?

Hi Eion

Yes, plugins will need to create a protocol and register it with the core.
However, I'm yet to work out exactly how protocols are to be handled.

PurplePluginProtocolInfo was already used to hold everything about a protocol,
except ID and name, which I've temporarily added so that every protocol has its
own ID and name irrespective of the plugin ID and name. Other than that, I
haven't changed much of that entity. I have just removed the need for first
getting a plugin and then using the prpl_info for it. Instead, you directly work
with the prpl_info.

But, you can consider this temporary as I haven't really put much thought into
it. My objective at the moment is to get plugins in general working with the new
plugin API.

I will be starting with protocols and decide how to best GObjectify them without
making things complicated once I'm done with plugins.

Please suggest if you have ideas for protocols :)


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