New plugin API

Tomasz Wasilczyk tomkiewicz at
Fri Aug 9 08:20:16 EDT 2013

2013/8/9 Ankit Vani <a at>:
>> What's "PURPLE_ABI_VERSION"?  If I wanted to say my plugin works on version
>> 3.0.0 onwards, but I'm building on 3.2.1 source, what value would I use?
> PURPLE_ABI_VERSION is a convenience macro that returns an ABI version using
> PURPLE_MAJOR_VERSION and PURPLE_MINOR_VERSION. If you want to support ABI 3.0.0
> onwards, you would use PURPLE_PLUGIN_ABI_VERSION(3, 0)
> However, I am wrong to use the "abi_version" property for this, since it is the
> required ABI version of GPlugin. This should probably be something like
> "purple_version".

Please keep in mind, that plugin that requires Purple 3.2.0 is
compatible with 3.2.0, 3.3.5 and it's not compatible with 2.10.7,
3.1.0 or *4.0.0*.

Does your implementation handles it?


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