GObjectification of protocols

Ankit Vani a at nevitus.org
Wed Aug 14 18:44:05 EDT 2013

Hi everyone

I am starting work on the gobjectification of protocols soon.

I would like to know, especially from prpl devs, what are the issues faced in
the current implementation of protocols that gobjectification should fix. Or
things that are fine but could be made better.

Also, if you have suggestions regarding what would be the best way to gobjectify
protocols, please let me know. According to the problems faced (or changes
desired) in the current implementation, I will come up with a plan and let you
know. I want to be sure of the approach before I start anything.

Currently, we make 2 plugins for yahoo (yahoo and yahoo-jp), 3 for XMPP (XMPP,
google, facebook) etc. According to the changes in the plugin API, this should
no longer be necessary and a single plugin can register multiple protocols in
the core. However, is there a reason this has been done this way other than the
fact that more than one protocol was not possible for one plugin?

And for example, in the gobjectified protocols, perhaps XMPP, google and
facebook can inherit an abstract protocol XMPPCore?


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