[GSoC] Quail - Progress update 17th August 2013

Phil Hannent phil at hannent.co.uk
Sat Aug 17 05:46:23 EDT 2013


Taken from the http://www.quail.im blog (which has pictures):

So I've been working on polishing various user interface aspects. The
accounts widget was displaying the current settings but really the
actions, such as delete, add, edit, connect and disconnect were a
little flaky. So I nailed those down things to make it a more workable

Next has been the tray icon and its menu, its a Quail's egg, it was a
public domain image I could find. As a place holder, I didn't want to
use the Pidgin icons just yet as I run the two applications side by
side. There is a right click menu, however I cannot screenshot it due
to it being a dialog which blocks then blocks other actions until you
make a selections, Doh!

Finally I have the buddy list status selector, which is my current
work in progress. I need to fix the padding and show an image where
the global buddy icon display is, however these are things which are
just me skirting around the issue of getting the chat fixed. This
weekends task is to use Quail to get into the Pidgin XMPP chat room.
Once I get that done I can use Quail as my main client.

On a side note I also am in the process of setting up three virtual
machines (Fedora 19 64bit, ubuntu 12.04 32bit and Windows 7 32bit) as
a build farm (using BuildBot). I'll add Mac and one other OS (probably
something with a Wayland/Weston desktop environment) after the GSoC
has finished.


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