OTR integration

Tomasz Wasilczyk tomkiewicz at cpw.pidgin.im
Sun Aug 25 07:23:31 EDT 2013


I'm currently working on OTR integration into 3.0.0 tree. I see three
possible solutions for it:

- enabling it by default: otr plugin seems to be well written and
doesn't cause crashes, so it won't be the new source of stability
problems. I just have one concern in mind: it will alter UI a bit, in
a way that vast majority of users won't utilize - it will be a clutter
for them

- to track for "?OTRvxx?" tag (it indicates an OTR packet) in messages
and ask user, if he wants to enable the plugin. It would show up only,
when Pidgin was built with otr support. Also, after the first query,
it would set a hidden pref, so it won't ask the user again. I think
this will cover all use cases, because for incoming messages it will
be easy to set it up. User, who would like to start an outgoing OTR
conversation (for the first time), will be experienced enough to
enable it manually.

- disabling it by default: I don't see any advantages for it

I prefer the second one, but I would like to see other opinions.


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