[GSoC] GObjectification Summary

Mark Doliner mark at kingant.net
Sun Dec 1 22:50:20 EST 2013

Thanks again for continuing to make changes. A few last questions, and
a response inline down below.

- purple_chat_conversation_set_property() doesn't allow setting TOPIC
or TOPIC_WHO. Should it?

- Same question for BUDDY_PROP_PRESENCE in purple_buddy_set_property().

- In purple_buddy_set_property(), should we call
purple_buddy_set_name() for BUDDY_PROP_NAME? It seems like the current
version won't cause blist.xml to be re-written to disk (and maybe UI
won't get updated?)

- Same question for BUDDY_PROP_LOCAL_ALIAS and purple_buddy_set_local_alias().

- Same question for GROUP_PROP_NAME and purple_group_set_name().

- Same question CHAT_PROP_ALIAS and purple_chat_set_alias().

On Sun, Dec 1, 2013 at 10:06 AM, Ankit Vani <a at nevitus.org> wrote:
>> - _purple_get_primitive_scores() exists in libpurple/status.c and is
>> called from libpurple/presence.c. It’s not static and not declared in
>> a .h file. Calling it from presence.c seems fine to me. It might be
>> cleaner to add it to status.h, unless there’s a reason we don’t want
>> to expose the function to the public.
> The function returns a static array of primitive scores that nothing else
> outside the statuses subsystem would require. This got a little ugly because
> of the splitting of PurpleStatus and PurplePresence into two seperate files,
> but I don't really see a point in exposing a function to the public, that
> returns an array for which no documentation is available to the public.
> Do you think I should make it public anyway?

Hmm. I guess this question doesn't have an obvious answer. I see your
point about not wanting to make the functions public., but I'm also
not a fan of calling functions in other files when those functions
aren't listed in a header file. It feels messy. I guess I mildly
prefer listing them in our public header file, even if that exposes
them to third parties. But please don't let me be the final decider.
Please use your own judgement and/or check with Ethan or other Pidgin

Other functions that are used across .c files that aren't declared in a .h file:

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