Request to participate in survey for academic research:

Uriel Stettner urielste at
Sat Dec 28 14:15:17 EST 2013

Dear Developers, 


I am approaching you with a request to support an academic research study on
Open Source Software Development. This survey
ity>  is part of larger research project conducted at Tel Aviv University
and supported by the Israel Science Foundation. 

I seek to study how knowledge is generated and diffused within, across, and
beyond Open Source Software development projects. This study is novel in
that it seeks to uncover relationships between the public and private
motives of individuals and firms to participate in open source software
development projects. 


Our study can only be successful if I manage to get all contributors to your
project to participate. I do understand that this is not an simple quest,
but I nevertheless have to make a serious attempt.


If you have any questions or concerns about this study or suggestions on how
I can improve our survey, please contact Professor Uriel Stettner
<mailto:urielste at>  


To launch the online survey, please go to


Thank you for supporting this research effort! I sincerely appreciate it!


Best wishes, 




Uriel Stettner, Ph.D.

Department of Strategy - Faculty of Management 

Tel Aviv University | Tel Aviv 69978 | Israel 

Office: 972-3-6406330 | Mobile: 972-54-2008281

 <mailto:urielste at> urielste at




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