Changing status using DBus and libPurple

Damien Fagnou damien-f at
Thu Jan 31 10:01:54 EST 2013

Hi ,

I am having use changing the status the same way pidgin does.

my application reflect the user status and enable them to change it using dbus on python.

when I do the following 

self.pidgin.PurpleAccountSetStatusList(self.account(), statusId, 1, 0)
# now that the account is setup properly we also need to update pidgin
status_type = self.pidgin.PurplePrimitiveGetTypeFromId(statusId)
saved = self.pidgin.PurpleSavedstatusNew("", status_type)
self.pidgin.PurpleSavedstatusSetMessage(saved, "")

the auto away back to available does't work anymore 

I was not able to do something like 
	self.pidgin.PurpleAccountSetStatusList(self.account(), statusId, 1,0)

what is the current way to replicate chaing the status like pidgin does ?



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