[GSOC] Plugins Website - Progress as of July 8th 2013

Bhaskar Kandiyal bkandiyal at gmail.com
Mon Jul 8 14:23:59 EDT 2013


This week I re-implemented the Django models that handle multi-platform
uploads to incorporate suggestions made by Eion. Now the admin can
define platforms from the admin control panel and it's supported
architectures and the user has the option to select supported platforms
and their architectures individually and upload separate files for them.

This took quite a but of time as I wanted to implement it in as simple
way as possible (complex databases are not easy to manage). But I think
it turned out quite well and I was able to migrate the existing plugins
uploaded by Eion and Ankit to the new database model (Thanks for testing
btw :)). There are a few rough edges but I'm working on it to fix them.

I also implemented the Dashboard for the user to manage their plugins
(edit, upload new versions and delete). Also, the sorting of plugins by
their name works now.

Apart from the backend, a very few visual changes have been made (most
notably to the search bar and the sorting link) to the frontend but
nothing special.

Now I want to implement the rating system and the comment system so
users can rate and comment on the plugins. By the way, do we need
authenticated users to rate the plugins? or allow anyone to do it?
Mozilla Addons requires a logged in user to rate the Add-On. Their
rating system is tied with the review system I think, so you can't rate
a plugin without writing a review for it, which I think is not a good
idea as not everyone is keen on writing a full review of a plugin just
to give it 3 stars :P

I personally think we should restrict posting comments to authenticated
users only and ratings should be open to everyone (but this can cause
some people to abuse the system too).

For those interested you can check out the current version of the
website here: http://bhaskar-kandiyal.rhcloud.com/

As always any feedback is greatly appreciated :)

Bhaskar Kandiyal

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