[GSoC] Quail - Progress as of 31st July 2013

Phil Hannent phil at hannent.co.uk
Wed Jul 31 17:30:18 EDT 2013


Within the last week I have been trying to get my Windows build machine up
and running, the dependency hell has left me scratching my head quite a
bit. Its not an insurmountable problem and once I have it running I'll not
be changing anything for a long time.

However I thought I should get some coding done as well and have to look at
the goal of using Quail for my own uses. So I am aiming for that within two
weeks time. I am currently coding Webkit for the display of the
conversations, plus I've found out that I need to convert a GdkPixbuf into
a QImage before I can use the buddy icons in the buddy list.

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