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Relieve Joint Pain in 5 Days-Researchers Unlock Secret


 EDS NOTE: NUDITY - A man throws a box toward a FEMEN 
activist during a protest in front of the Grand Mosque in Paris, 
Wednesday, April  3, 2013. The radical feminists, calling for more sexual 
freedom for Arab women, were protesting in support of a young Tunisian 
woman who received online death threats from ultraconservative Muslims after 
posting topless photos of herself online. (AP Photo/Christophe Ena)The Associated 
PressTUNIS, Tunisia  A 19-year-old Tunisian who bared her breasts and taunted 
Muslim hard-liners says that she fears for her life and wants to 
take refuge abroad.The Ukraine-based group Femen, which stages pranks for 
women's and gay rights, apparently inspired the bold act of the woman 
known only as Amina.  The group held an International Topless Jihad 
day last Thursday in support of Muslim women, including Amina.Amina went 
into hiding after reportedly receiving death threats. But she reappeared 
in an interview broadcast Saturday with the French cable TV station Canal 
Plus at her refuge in a village hours from the Tunisian capital.She 
told Canal Plus that "I must leave Tunisia."Amina said she fears for 
her life in her homeland, but will keep her Femen principles "until 
I'm 80." ific territory of Guam later this month. The Pentagon last 
month announced longer-term plans to strengthen its U.S.-based missile defenses.The 
U.S. military also is considering deploying an intelligence drone at the 
Misawa Air Base in northern Japan to step up surveillance of North 
Korea, a Japanese Defense Ministry official said Sunday.Three Global Hawk 
surveillance planes are deployed on Guam and one of them is being 
considered for deployment in Japan, the official said on condition of anonymity 
because the official was not authorized to speak about the issue.North Korea 
successfully shot a satellite into space in December and conducted its third 
nuclear test in February. It has threatened to launch a nuclear attack 
on the United States, though many analysts say the North hasn't achieved 
the technology to manufacture a miniaturized nuclear warhead that could 
fit on a long-range missile capable of hitting the U.S.North Korea also 
raised tensions Wednesday when it barred South Koreans and supply trucks 
from entering the Kaesong industrial complex, where South Korean companies 
have employed thousands of North Korean workers for the past decade.North 
Korea is not forcing South Korean managers to leave the factory complex, 
and nearly 520 of them remained at Kaesong on Sunday. But the 
entry ban at the park, the last remaining inter-Korean rapprochement project, 
is posing a serious challenge to many of the more than 120 
South Korean firms th

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