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 Counterterrorism officials are poring over information on possible threats 
from the past 30 days in the wake of the Boston Marathon 
attack, to see if there are any clues to what happened while 
authorities continue to investigate the cause and culprit.According to multiple 
U.S. officials, there was no heightened "chatter" on major jihadist websites 
in the initial hours after the Boston attack.This is one metric intelligence 
agencies look at in the wake of a terror attack, though it 
doesn't mean that overseas involvement has been ruled out.One former senior 
intelligence official told Fox News there was no elevated "chatter" in advance 
of the attempted Times Square bombing in May 2010 or the attempted 
Christmas Day bombing in 2009, either.The agency currently poring over threat 
information is the National Counterterrorism Center, the group specifically 
set up after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attack to track and 
assess threats against the United States.Though President Obama did not 
call the Boston attack "terror" during brief remarks from Washington Monday 
evening, White House officials subsequently said they are treating the bomb 
explosions as an "act of terrorism.""When multiple devices go off, that's 
an act of terrorism," a senior administration official told Fox News.Authorities 
say the blasts left at least three dead and more than 140 
injured.An intelligence bulletin sent Tuesday morning from the FBI and Department 
of Homeland Securit ing down the traditional, body-hugging bunny costume.Goa's 
decision does not bar the opening of a conventional Playboy club in 
in the state, just the beach shack.Lobo has called on the government 
to prevent Playboy from setting shop in any form in the state."It 
is not just a question of permitting Playboy in Candolim. It should 
be banned across Goa, because Goa should be veered away from international 
chains which promote vulgarity," Lobo said.Agnelo Fernandes, a local Congress 
politician on whose property the beach club was to be located, called 
the government's decision "unfortunate." He has been acting as a de facto 
spokesman for the project during the controversy."It would have been great 
for Goa to have an international lifestyle brand. There is no question 
of vulgarity. Our bunny costumes which we had designed were more sober 
than the one's worn by the cheerleaders at the IPL (Indian Premier 
League)," Fernandes said, referring to a raucous Indian cricket league.
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