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 e bit different 
than usual.People say to me Craig, your job is to make people 
laugh at the end of the day. And I think, yes, thats 
true, but Ive never professed to be any damn good at that. 
And, the thing is, people want their mind taken off it. And 
I think, well ok, if you want your mind taken off it, 
you know, watch a cartoon or a video or something. I understand 
it, its perfectly acceptable. I dont think its a terrible thing to 
not want to think about it, but I cant not think about 
it.Jimmy Kimmel kept his opening remarks about the tragedy brief, seeming 
despondent as he spoke about the day.Well  it was a terrible 
day. Very bad things happened today for no good reason  and 
our thoughts are with the people of Boston and everyone who is 
suffering as a result of the bombings at the marathon. Its a 
disgusting thing. I dont understand it. But my job is to make 
you laugh and so I will try to do that. And  
I will probably fail. Im failing already.The shows of comedians David Letterman, 
Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon were all airing reruns on Monday, perhaps 
providing more of the comic relief that those tuning in to late-night 
TV were hoping for after the days tragic events. A federal judge Monday denied an emergency motion for relief filed by 
a Guantanamo Bay prisoner on a hunger strike, despite pleas from the 
man's lawyer who says his client is dying.U.S. District Judge Thomas Hogan 
ruled Monday that he didn't have jurisdiction over the case filed by 
Yemeni prisoner Musaab al-Madhwani. Hogan pointed to a provision of the 
Military Commissions Act which bars judicial review of claims made by detained 
enemy combatants regarding their conditions of confinement.The prisoner 
and others in the hunger strike originally claimed that they were being 
denied drinking water and that temperatures in the prison had been kept 
at "extremely frigid" levels -- which the government denied. But the claim 
was expanded to include the allegation that Guantanamo officials had shown 
"deliberate indifference" to the prisoners' serious medical needs.Although 
the case was technically about just one detainee, it was clearly about 
the continued use of Guantanamo to house terrorism suspects, despite President 
Barack Obama's promise to close the prison. When one of al-Madhwani's lawyers, 
Darold Killmer, mentioned the alleged mistreatment of other detainees, Hogan 
responded, "This is not a class-action."At the end of the roughly one-hour 
hearing, Hogan noted that al-Madhwani voluntarily participated in the hunger 
strike, adding that the prisoner "self-manufactured" his health situation.Earlier, 
Killmer, told the judge, "Mr. al-Madhwani is d
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