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  The passenger in the rear 
seat, James Coston, then fired multiple shots before he was killed by 
trooper James Harper. As Harper sought cover, Chesimard stepped out of the 
car and continuously fired at both him and Foerster, who was engaged 
in hand-to-hand combat with Clark Squire, the driver.Foerster was shot in 
the abdomen and right arm. According to police accounts, Chesimard picked 
up Foerster's gun and put two bullets in his head, execution-style, as 
he lay along the side of the turnpike. Authorities say her jammed 
handgun was found next to Foerster's body.Chesimard, Coston and Squire fled 
and abandoned their car 5 miles down the road. It didn't take 
long for police to locate the car and Coston, who was found 
dead near the vehicle. A half-hour after the shooting, state police arrested 
Chesimard. Squire was arrested a mile from the car about 40 hours 
after the incident.Chesimard denied that she shot at anyone and claimed 
that the militant and cop-killer labels made her a target. But four 
years later, she was convicted of first-degree murder, assault and battery 
of a police officer, assault with a dangerous weapon, assault with intent 
to kill, illegal possession of a weapon and armed robbery.On Nov. 2, 
1979, Chesimard escaped from prison in New Jersey. Police believe a group 
of black and white domestic terrorists approached Chesimard while at a maximum 
security prison in West Virginia, but waited until she was transferred to 
a mini  extremist groups in Syria are playing," Little said. "We understand 
the dynamics that that creates."He said the U.S. has to also look 
beyond any move to bring an end to the Assad regime, and 
work with allies on what a post-Assad Syria would look like.Dempsey, however, 
also noted that during these difficult fiscal times, the U.S. military could 
do whatever was needed or ordered in Syria, but would likely require 
supplemental funding in order to sustain any operations over time. He said 
the military options are ready, although he has not yet been ordered 
to take any action.Obama has said all military options are on the 
table, but there has been little appetite for putting U.S. military boots 
on the ground in Syria.
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