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 or the jury as it decides 
whether to convict the former waitress and aspiring photographer of murder.The 
arguments between prosecutor Juan Martinez and defense lawyer Kirk Nurmi 
showed how acrimonious the trial has become between the two sides after 
more than three months of testimony.Nurmi claimed that the prosecutor committed 
misconduct by bullying a key defense witness. Martinez used the words "voodoo" 
and "fantastical" to describe a last-minute defense effort to admit digitally 
enhanced photos of the victim."This isn't second grade. It's a court of 
law," Nurmi said.The jury was not present as the judge heard arguments 
on several issues.The one that elicited the most colorful response was a 
defense effort to allow jurors to see enhanced images of Travis Alexander 
just before he was stabbed and shot to death.Arias took several photographs 
of Alexander on the day he was killed in 2008. A defense 
expert claims that he can see a reflection of a person in 
the eye of Alexander in one digitally enhanced image. Nurmi said the 
image shows Arias with both hands on the camera   and 
not holding a knife that she used to kill Alexander.The splotchy image 
is impossible to interpret with the naked eye, and Martinez ripped the 
defense team for trying to introduce it as evidence. He said he 
sees what he thinks is Alexander's dog in the reflection. He said 
other people might see completely different things, whether it's different 
breeds of dogs or ev istration requirements 
would be a costly burden on them.Herkimer County Clerk Sylvia Rowan said 
Thursday she had received no registration forms for those guns. "There's 
a lot of confusion on this," she said.Rowan noted that she had 
received few formal requests filed from the holders of the county's 12,000 
pistol permits to exempt their information from public disclosure, something 
else authorized under the new law.Passed Jan. 15, a month after the 
school shooting in Newtown, Conn., the statute originally banned magazines 
with more than seven bullets effective April 15. Connecticut officials said 
that shooter Adam Lanza used a semi-automatic Bushmaster AR-15 and five 
30-round magazines to kill 20 children and six adults in minutes.However, 
acknowledging that manufacturers don't make seven-bullet magazines, the 
Cuomo administration and New York lawmakers amended their law on March 29, 
keeping 10-bullet magazines legal but generally illegal to load them with 
more than seven bullets.The new Colorado bill, signed into law last month, 
bans ammunition magazines that hold more than 15 rounds.			 
    Are Newtown family members being used as political 
 			    Mom of Newton victim 
talks gun control in Weekly Address			    
 Senate advances debate on gun control despite GOP opposition

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