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John Bailey rekkanoryo at rekkanoryo.org
Mon Mar 11 13:01:53 EDT 2013

Did anyone upgrade perl and sudo in the last day or so?  I received this
alert form one of the monitor packages I have installed.


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Date: Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 7:25 AM
Subject: nicobar.pidgin.im - Daily report
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Warning: The file properties have changed:
         File: /usr/bin/perl
         Current hash: 43df5560948ec9947663fa5d2aee0152b415bc38
         Stored hash : bb32f6b7f55fee515b7a627089ade60c3a5feaee
         Current inode: 262727    Stored inode: 263241
         Current file modification time: 1362584658 (06-Mar-2013 09:44:18)
         Stored file modification time : 1361071736 (16-Feb-2013 21:28:56)
Warning: The file properties have changed:
         File: /usr/bin/sudo
         Current hash: fa3c4cc7c9946b3ca765b28661f98d5d4584b2ea
         Stored hash : 07cb58e25bb49f869bfe7202dba91ca2046f5cfa
         Current inode: 264408    Stored inode: 271300
         Current size: 166312    Stored size: 166120
         Current file modification time: 1362597168 (06-Mar-2013 13:12:48)
         Stored file modification time : 1337792598 (23-May-2012 12:03:18)
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