Video/Voice on Windows progress, fails to load fsrtpconference plugin

poelmanc cppidginim at
Tue Mar 26 17:37:52 EDT 2013

It looks like
<>   has been stalled for some time
so I took a crack at it. After several days of trial and error, version
mismatches, and autoconf hacking, I have pidgin on Windows compiling and
linking with farstream/gstreamer using:
 GTK+ 2.24 binaries download from
<>  .
 glib 2.32 binaries download from
<>  .
(Renamed .deb to .ar extracted files from the archive.)
 gstreamer and gst-plugins-{base,good,bad} binaries download from
<>   (I somewhat arbitrarily picked the
2012-11-30 files, since newer versions require glib 2.36).
 libnice built from git clone
using a custom (badly hacked by me) Makefile.mingw since I couldn't get its
autoconf build to work on mingw.
 farstream from git clone git:// built
with autoconf .
I had to make some fairly minor changes to libpurple source code, lots of
changes to the Pidgin mingw makefiles to allow GTK and GLIB to come from
different directories, and a few changes to the farstream code. I'll gladly
submit patches, and there are a number of other random instructions (run
glib-mkenums manually, download pkg-config-lite for mingw, set lots of
environment variables for farstream's configure) that I'm happy to write up
on the wiki. I haven't finished the "install" steps so I still manually copy
.dlls around to win32-install-dir and ~/.gstreamer-1.0.

So I set my GST_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable to ~/.gstreamer-1.0, set
GST_DEBUG='*:9', and fired up pidgin.exe from win32-install-dir. It starts
up and I have video/audio call options available, but when I try to talk to
a Linux buddy running Pidgin via our OpenFire XMPP server, the connection
fails with a debug message saying a glib factory couldn't create an object
of type "fsrtpconference". Sorry I don't have the exact text but apparently
the problem is that, while many gstreamer plugins have loaded successfully
as have some farstream plugins like fsrawconference, the fsrtpconference
plugin is failing to load. The gstreamer debug output just says:

0:00:00.455026000  9156     468600 LOG             GST_REGISTRY
gstregistry.c:1244:gst_registry_scan_path_level: file
C:\Users\cp\.gstreamer-1.0\libfsrtpconference.dll looks like a possible
0:00:00.455026000  9156     468600 DEBUG           GST_REGISTRY
gstregistry.c:1305:gst_registry_scan_path_level: file
C:\Users\cp\.gstreamer-1.0\libfsrtpconference.dll not yet in registry
0:00:00.456026000  9156     468600 DEBUG     GST_PLUGIN_LOADING
gstplugin.c:702:gst_plugin_load_file: attempt to load plugin
0:00:00.457026000  9156     468600 WARN      GST_PLUGIN_LOADING
gstplugin.c:734:gst_plugin_load_file: module_open failed:
`C:\Users\cp\.gstreamer-1.0\libfsrtpconference.dll': The specified module
could not be found.

I've load the file into Dependency Walker and I don't see any obvious
missing DLL dependencies. So I guess *my questions are*:
What would cause loading a plugin to fail?
Can you suggest any extra debugging steps I can try?

While it "feels" like I've made a lot of progress, I have yet to even see or
hear a connection like apparently these guys did (
<>  )
3+ years ago. They evidently never got their changes fully working, so I
really don't know how close or far this is.Thanks in advance for any help or
suggestions you can offer.

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