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On Fri, Mar 29, 2013 at 12:48 AM, Kevin Stange <kstange at> wrote:

> On 03/29/2013 01:30 AM, Conrad Poelman wrote:
> > Inspired by Pidgin's own script in
> > pidgin/win32/nsis, I realized that much of the BuildingWinPidgin
> > instructions could be automated into a script using wget to download and
> > tar/unzip to extract the files automatically. It's not really done yet
> > but I'm attaching it in case anyone's interested in adding it to the
> > repository to simplify the Windows build instructions. It currently
> > fetches newer library versions (GTK+ 2.24, GLib 2.32) than is stated in
> > the instructions, since GLib 2.32 is required by gstreamer and farstream
> > and I'm trying to get video/voice working on Windows.
> >
> > It could probably be extended to handle most of Zoltán's instructions
> > too, though Visual Studio developers may not want to install MinGW just
> > to run this script.
> It's fallen far out of date, but I already wrote such a script:
> Perhaps some of the code might be of use to you.
 Wow, thanks, yours looks much more polished and sophisticated than mine.
Should this script be checked into the repository and used to shorten the
Windows MinGW build instructions at The steps would become
shorter and revision controlling the script would give folks on the 2.10.7
branch a script appropriate for them, while folks on the 3.0 branch would
get a script with updated dependencies, etc.
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