new client plans and libpurple

Zoltán Sólyom z-ismeretlen at
Sat Mar 30 16:48:29 EDT 2013

I'm in the process of writing a C# wrapper for purplelib, so I can test 
the DLLs compiled in Visual Studio. I was wondering why is that, that 
some functions return char* and not const char*? Same about some that 
are expecting const arguments while others not. I only mean those 
functions that apparently don't want to change the values passed in nor 
expect the returned values to be changed of course. (In case you were 
wondering whether I'm sane asking such a trivial thing.)
For example: char *purple_buddy_icon_get_full_path(PurpleBuddyIcon 
*icon) in buddyicon.h

This is purely a theoretical question right now. The comment says nobody 
should ever touch this function. I just happened to wonder about the 
inconsistency when I saw that one.

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