File Transfer Implementation - GSOC Project 2013

Ashish Gupta ashmew2 at
Wed May 29 01:45:46 EDT 2013


I have been accepted as a student for this year's GSoC under the mentorship
of Mark Doliner (KingAnt) .I am very grateful to everyone who helped me put
together the application , reviewed it and offered any kind of feedback.
Thanks a lot.

The aim of my project will be to enable file sharing between clients,
focussing on libpurple and non-libpurple clients. I will be starting it off
by working with the Yahoo! side of the story first (libpurple and Yahoo!
Messenger) and then move on to the part relevant to Google Talk (libjingle)
. After that , I plan to work on a File Transfer Plugin which will help in
generic file transfer across (hopefully) all the protocols.

My proposal for this project is at :

I'm thinking about where exactly should i be looking to start off work in
the proper direction. I have the relevant part of the yahoo prpl
(libpurple/protocols/yahoo/filexfer.*), and now i need to figure out what
exactly is going wrong. It would be great if someone could offer any input
on what it should be like or what it should not be. Hoping for some
feedback on the same.

Looking forward to a great summer ahead and coding it away :)

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