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Galen O'Sullivan galen.osullivan at
Thu May 2 01:21:00 EDT 2013

Hi all,

My name's Galen O'Sullivan (you probably guessed that from my email). I'm
interested in doing a GSOC project with Pidgin, and one of the things I've
seen that looks like it could use work is voice/video support.

The main ticket in Trac is here:

It looks like these are wiki pages:

There was a little bit of activity 19 months ago, but other than that, all
the comments are about 4 years old (done by maiku for a 2008 GSOC project).
Current implementation uses Farstream for the video, so we can do whatever
they can without much new.

Do any of the mentors have any interest in expanding voice/video support in
Pidgin? I'm thinking maybe MSN, maybe SLIC? (I haven't explored too far
into the other protocols yet.)

I'm reasonably (comfortable with pointers, structs, macros) proficient in C
and I've used GLib before, though not much more than the hash tables (and
the basics you need to know for that).

This sounds like a cool idea and I'm excited to work on it.

Galen O'Sullivan
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