Getting started with Pidgin development

Mike Thompson michael.p.thompson at
Sat Nov 23 19:53:31 EST 2013


My name is Mike and I am looking to get started on doing some development
in/with Pidgin. Specifically I am hoping to add some improvements to the
campfire-libpurple thrid party plugin.

I was curious about development setups and practices. I am able to compile
from the head of the repo. Is there any easy way to Sandbox pidgin? have it
not look in user profile paths and the like? Is this a common development

In a more general note, does anyone know of any articles or resources on
development paradigms that work well with Pidgin? or how do you go about
doing it? Another course of action here might be to do all of this inside a
VM. Any advice you have for getting going would be welcome.

FYI: Reasonably seasoned developer, developing on Debian Jessie/Sid

Thanks for your time and efforts,

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