Please ship an AppData file upstream

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Mon Sep 30 05:13:20 EDT 2013

Hi all,

Fedora users and deveolpers have written several AppData [1] file
which is used for showing screenshots and descriptions in various
software centers such as GNOME Software which we are previewing in
Fedora 20. One of those files is for Pidgin, which is why I'm writing
to your mailing list.

The extra appdata files are stored here for,
but we've love these files to be included upstream and installed in
/usr/share/appdata, which means all the other Linux distributions
other than Fedora can use this data themselves. Also, if the file is
upstream you can change the description, screenshots and homepage as
much as you like as your application evolves.

Similarly, if you have something like intltool set up, you can
translate the AppData file which is really awesome for people using
the software center that can't use en_US as a locale.

If you've got any problems, concerns or any other questions please
don't hesitate to contact me. If replying to this email on the mailing
list, please keep me cc'd as I'm not subscribed.




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