Pidgin XMPP discovery of TURN servers

Yclept Nemo orbisvicis at
Wed Apr 30 11:57:50 EDT 2014

How can pidgin discover an XMPP server's TURN server? I run an XMPP and
TURN server on the same domain, and the TURN server uses a custom port. The
TURN server is advertised over XMPP using XEP-0215 (Extern Service
Discovery: extdisco), however per pidgin does not support
XEP-0215. From an email thread ( I found
that pidgin once searched for STUN servers using the following:

    "Pidgin currently does a _stun._udp.<domain portion of JID> lookup"

Does the same still apply for TURN as well? For example, could I use the
following DNS SRV record to inform pidgin of my custom TURN server?

    "_turn_.tcp.<domain portion of JID> <TTL> IN SRV <PRIORITY> <WEIGHT>
<CUSTOM PORT> <domain portion of JID>"

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