Re-namespacing Pidgin's API for Introspection

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> Hi


> For instance, in pidgin, we have a lot of our code in the 'Gtk' namespace
> (Gtk* structs and gtk_* functions), which introspection finds bad --
> putting things into gtk's namespace. We also have stuff in the 'Pidgin'
> namespace, which are not a problem (can be used as eg. Pidgin.StatusBox
> from other langs). There are some such problems with libpurple, libgnt and
> finch as well, but most of these issues are in pidgin. The nice solution
> to this would be to move everything to 'Pidgin' namespace, or, we could
> change it all into Gtk if you guys suggest so. This would require some big
> changes (basically just some global replacements, so shouldn't break
> anything major, if at all).
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I am not sure I have understood the issue but AFAIK we have different
* Pidgin
* Purple
* Gnt
* Finch
each of them refering to the specific component.

The Gtk namespace is used most of the times when we write a gtkwidget which
is not shipped by Gtk+ so we maintain it locally (gtkimhtml, as example)

The problem is to have this Gtk and Pidgin namespace together? I don't
think they should be merged since one is referring to gtk widgets and the
other one is Pidgin's API.


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