Re-namespacing Pidgin's API for Introspection

Mark Doliner mark at
Sun Feb 9 11:44:31 EST 2014

Thanks for sending this list! Your proposed renames mostly look good
to me. And making those changes in 'default' sounds good.

On Sat, Feb 8, 2014 at 1:14 PM, Elliott Sales de Andrade
<qulogic at> wrote:
> On 8 February 2014 15:47, Ankit Vani <a at> wrote:
>> dbus-bindings.h:
>>   'empty_to_null'           to 'purple_emptystr_to_null'
>>   'null_to_empty'           to 'purple_null_to_emptystr'
> I'm not sure if these DBus things are meant to be so public; they seem to be
> there to help our DBus wrappers, no?

It does seem like they could be made internal. Or static. Fixing the
namespace seems fine for now. Someone could investigate making them
non-public later.

>> server.h:
> This entire file needs to be re-namespaced, and purple_serv* is not the
> right place for most of the functions, actually.

That's a bigger task, though. I think renaming them is fine for now,
and is an improvement.

>> theme-manager.h:
>>   'PTFunc'                  to 'PurplePTFunc'
> Doesn't the PT here stand for PurpleTheme?

It looks like it. I think this should be PurpleTFunc or
PurpleThemeFunc. I like the latter.

>> ===========================
>> gntentry.h:
>>   'ENTRY_CHAR'             to 'GNT_ENTRY_CHAR'
>> gntutils.h:
>>   'g_hash_table_duplicate' to 'gnt_hash_table_duplicate'
>>   'GDupFunc'               to 'GntDupFunc'
> This should perhaps spell out Duplicate in full.

I have no opinion.

>> gtksourceiter.h:
>> gtksourceundomanager.h:
>> gtksourceview-marshal.h:
> You may want to hold off on GtkSourceUndoManager. IIRC, it was ported from
> the real GTK+ widget so that we'd have something to use in GtkIMHtml, but
> now that we've switched to GtkWebView, it may not be necessary. I haven't
> really checked that Undo works correctly in the webview, though.

I tested undo in webview and it worked great for me. I removed all
three of these files (and the .c files).

>> gtkthemes.h:
>>   'smiley_list'                                       to
>> 'PidginSmileyList'
>>   'smiley_theme'                                      to
>> 'PidginSmileyTheme'
> I wonder if these need to be public.

They are currently used outside of gtkthemes.h/.c, so it seems like
the answer is yes.

>> gtkwebview.h:
>> gtkwebviewtoolbar.h:
> I think I looked into changing the namespace for GtkWebView and/or
> GtkWhiteboard, and might still have the code somewhere, so give me a chance
> to look for it.

Ankit: Or if it's faster for you to redo the renaming, don't feel
obligated to wait for Elliott :-)

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