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Mon Feb 10 14:00:06 EST 2014

Hi Niklas,

With the widespread use of lync at my employer and our customers, I'd love 
to see this working. Please feel free to contact me off list if there is a 
way that I might be able to bring some additional resources to the problem. 



On Wednesday, 8 January 2014 14:22:27 UTC-8, Niklas Andersson wrote:
> Hi,
>  I would cast my vote on stuff that needs to be done to get Pidgin 3 out 
> of the door.
>  Let me introduce myself. I work for Ericsson as a contractor and I am 
> currently paving the way to improve the SIPE-plugin (I.e the Microsoft 
> Lync-support in Pidgin)
>  Basically we want to get cross-platform desktop screen sharing to work as 
> well as adding support for encrypted audio/video.
>  On the lower levels we have two issues we need to fix:
>  1. Get SRTP into Farstream (It is already in Gstreamet - this is 
> important in order to get encryption going)
>  2. Fix MS-TURN for TCP-support in libnice. (We need reliable transport 
> for the desktop screen sharing because it uses RDP)
>  I have got the funding in place to fix this, and we are sorting out what 
> developers will do what work. Everything will be open sourced, and done in 
> concert with upstream.
>  For the desktop screen sharing-stuff the plan is to use xfreerdp (client) 
> and FreeRDS (server), both coming from the FreeRDP-project, and we are 
> collaborating with them.
>  We will start as soon as possible, and I have come to the understanding 
> that we must target Pidgin 3, because the Pidgin 3 trunk uses most recent 
> gstreamer, while Pidgin 2.x uses the older version. I know Pidgin 3 still 
> have a way to go, but it makes more sense to target the upcoming version I 
> believe.
>  Hopefully you will see more news coming from me soon.
> Best regards,
> Niklas
> 2014/1/8 Mark Doliner <ma... at <javascript:>>
>> Hi developers!
>> Instant Messaging Freedom, Inc ( would like to
>> pay Tomasz Wasilczyk to do development on libpurple, Pidgin, Finch,
>> and Adium. The IMF board doesn't control the development of these--we
>> developers always have the final say about what changes are made to
>> our code (although yes, there is a lot of overlap between the IMF
>> board and we developers).
>> That being said, what things would you like to see Tomasz work on?
>> What do you think is most important to the project?
>> I've created a Google Doc with an initial list of ideas here:
>> It's world-readable and everyone can add comments (right-click and
>> select 'Comment', or
>> select Insert-->Comment from the menu bar). Please add suggestions,
>> corrections, suggest better phrasing, point out problems, etc.
>> Note: I believe that leaving a comment on the doc will make your
>> Google account name publicly visible to anyone else who looks at the
>> doc. I believe that you'll remain anonymous if you simply view the
>> doc.
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