phurple - libpurple bindings for PHP

Peter Lawler bleeter at
Thu Jan 9 14:09:48 EST 2014

On 09/01/14 22:06, Anatol Belski wrote:
> - libpurple is still not thread safe
libpurple is NOT designed to be. I don't think there's ever been a 
promise, or a proposed patchest, to do so.

Now it's true places such as Meebo managed to use libpurple in a way PHP 
bindings would provide (ie, IM over http), but given they managed to do 
it somehow without needing libpurple to be thread safe I'd humbly 
suggest it's not as needed as some people think it may be.

Yes, there are recipients on this list who know how to do it but they're 
probably still under NDA so I doubt we'll ever hear too much from them 
on this topic

There's probably some subtle wording that my early morning reading is 
missing in the 'Is it thread safe' section of that suggests how to do it.

Still, having said all that, patches welcome.



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