/pidgin/main: f93f8b0f36c3: Fix purple_str_to_time()'s tz_off si...

Richard Laager rlaager at pidgin.im
Tue Jan 21 19:32:41 EST 2014

On Mon, 2014-01-20 at 23:48 -0800, Mark Doliner wrote:
> The assertion in the test looks correct to me. The input is
> 2010-08-27.134202-0700PDT. It expects the timestamp to be 1282941722
> but it's actually getting 1282891322, which is 14 hours off, which is
> twice the time zone, which makes me think this commit is wrong.

I hate time zones. ;)

I'd like to keep the change in this commit, as I think it's a lot
clearer if sign ends up negative when the character is '-' and positive
when it's '+'. It was backwards before.

I expanded the test in question to cover the breakage I was trying to
correct. I back-tested the "original" code, the rewritten code (i.e.
before the commit in question), the current code, and my latest fix. I
think I have a handle on it, and I've pushed a correct as e5c1b7f9486d.

As always, another set of eyes on the commit wouldn't hurt.

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