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Duncan Berriman duncan at
Sat Jan 25 05:18:39 EST 2014

Hi Mark,

Thanks it was the issue you mentioned below, I need to search better next time and in the right place. The issue was quickly resolved with the help Robert Vehse who pointed me to the known issue and resolution.

I can trap the error already and can code the check. What I can't work out how to do is call the callback so that the action completes without further intervention. If anyone could suggest how I do that or point me at some examples that would be very helpful everything I  have tried has been unsuccessful.

My code below :-

static void *pidgin_request_action(const char *title, const char *primary,
                                                const char *secondary, int default_action,
                                            PurpleAccount *account, const char *who, PurpleConversation *conv,
                                                void *user_data, size_t action_count, va_list actions)
        sprintf(message,"Request action title: %s primary: %s secondary: %s", title, primary, secondary);

As a bodge/workaround for future certificate problems for anyone writing a simily robot you can simply edit certificate.c and redefine PURPLE_CERTIFICATE_NON_FATALS_MASK as below.


This causes the code to continue after non fatal certificate errors without prompting the user.

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> On Fri, Jan 24, 2014 at 1:57 AM, Duncan Berriman <duncan at>
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> > It appears the certificate has expired at AIM.
> Are you sure it's _expired_? We're aware of the problem where the
> server is using a certificate signed by an untrusted authority. This
> problem will be fixed in Pidgin 2.10.8, which should be released on
> Tuesday.
> > Could anyone guide me how I could either disable the certificate being
> > checked or inform me how to handle the pidgin_request_action being in
> mind
> > this runs without a screen, what call do I need to make to in effect say yes
> > accept the certificate and continue?
> So you're working on a plugin of some sort? The user IS shown a
> confirmation dialog for the untrusted authority case. I don't know the
> details, but it might be possible to listed to a signal to approve the
> request. If not, it should be possible to intercept the ui_op, check
> if it's the certificate request, and auto-accept by calling the "ok"
> function callback. Not easy, but should be possible.
> You could also just add the new CA cert to wherever they live:
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