GSoC 2014

Mark Doliner mark at
Tue Jan 28 18:40:56 EST 2014

I'll be unable to participate as a mentor, organization admin, or
proposal reviewer this year.

Anyone want to step up and be the org admin? Responsibilities are:
- Fill out application form (I can provide my responses from last
year, which should save some time)
- Encourage Pidgin devs to review proposals as needed
- Make sure all proposals are looked at and given fair consideration
by at least 1 reviewer (could be yourself if other devs are slow to
review, in other words you are the "reviewer of last resort")
- Determine how many students slots to request
- Talk with would-be mentors (via email or private comments on
proposals) and make sure mentors are assigned to the top N projects
- Welcome/intro emails to students (optional but encouraged)
- Occasional "how's it going?" emails to students (optional)
- Occasional check-ins with mentors (optional)
- Make sure mentors fill out mid-term and final evals (or fill them
out yourself if the deadline is close, in other words you are the
"reviewer of last resort")
- Check if any mentors wish to attend mentor summit
- Work with IMF Treasurer (currently Ethan) (and maybe me) to send
invoice to Google and optionally reimburse mentor(s) for summit travel

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