Tweaking autotools-based buildsystem for W32 compatibility

Tomasz Wasilczyk twasilczyk at
Tue Mar 18 09:14:09 EDT 2014

W dniu 18.03.2014 13:54, LRN pisze:
> As some of you (who's been on #pidgin) may remember, i've mostly
> ignored the usual building instructions, which assume the use of
> pre-generated Makefile.mingw makefiles and pre-built binaries for
> dependencies.

For a development related discussion, you might prefer our xmpp room: 
devel at

> Anyway, i've successfully built 2.x.y and 3.0.0 on W32 with autotools,
> which resulted in a heap of patches on my side (~44 for 3.0.0, ~48 for
> 2.x.y). How do i go about submitting them? Usually projects frown upon
> attaching so many patches to one bugreport/issue/ticket, but creating
> 40+ tickets (maybe 10+, if i group patches intelligently; that's still
> a bit too much, IMO) seems like a bad move too. Especially since some
> patches may not be committable as-is (i'm not always patient enough to
> come up with a change that fixes the issue for me and does not break
> anything for everyone else).

I'm not sure, if we should mess with 2.x.y - most of development is 
focused on 3.0.0.

I'm glad to hear about your work, because this task was already on my 
own TODO. I think, you can submit those patches on this list. Creating a 
bunch of tickets may make it pretty hard to follow.

Unfortunately, I can not promise I will handle it very soon - there are 
many other tasks on my list.


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