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On 13.05.2014 7:11, Felipe Contreras wrote:
> On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 3:43 AM, Tomasz Wasilczyk wrote:
>> 12 maj 2014 08:35 "Felipe Contreras" napisał(a):
>>> I've no idea why people are interested in libpurple-mini, but it seems
>>> there's quite a few.
>> Isn't it enough to compile official Pidgin with congifure switches that 
>> disables Pidgin and Finch? I'm just curious.
> That might work in Linux, but I'm not so sure it would be so easy to 
> compile for Windows.

Depends on your definition of "easy".

> Moreover, I haven't actually tried it, but I bet my Makefile is at least
> an order of magnitude faster.

Most likely it's true.

>>> BTW. I saw in the archives some talk to use autotools for building on 
>>> Windows which seems the absolute worst thing to do.
>> Some Pidgin devs also state that. But I still have no idea *why* is it
>> the worst thing to do. If we provide a repository with mingw
>> dependencies it will be repeatable. The only disadvantage I see is a
>> longer build time on Cygwin. But Cygwin is already a disaster.
> Have actually tried to run autotools in Windows? There's no perl, there's
> no m4. I wouldn't dream of doing that, particularly when pure make works
> just fine.
> And no, I wouldn't want to use cygwin either.
> To be honest I'm not particularly interested in building on Windows, but
> cross-compiling for Windows. I've worked all my professional life on
> embedded systems, and I can assure you; autotools are the worst for 
> cross-compiling.

I've heard from people about cross-compilation support in various
buildsystems. Most common complaint about buildsystems like SCons (which i
think are neat) is that their support for cross-compilation is bad or
non-existent - unlike autotools, which Just Works.

In light of this i find it strange that you'd bash autotools for bad
cross-compilation support.

Which also explains why you wouldn't use Cygwin - the only way to compile for
Windows in Cygwin is to do a Cygwin->Windows cross-compilation.

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