[PATCH] Add out-of-band DTMF support and dialpad to use it

Richard Laager rlaager at wiktel.com
Wed Oct 8 20:39:16 EDT 2014

Can you respond to this note (not mine) from ticket 15575:

        It would be useful for the caller to be able to hear the tones
        as the keys are pressed.

Also, I think we should mark the letter mappings for translation.
There's a standard for this which covers many languages:

That covers more letters for what I assume is the "text messaging
context" as opposed to what would appear on buttons on phones. But if
you look at the entries above the digit, that seems to be what we're
interested in. Most follow the same Latin script that we have in the
U.S. but not all do: Greek and Russian do not.

Other than that, it seems fine to me to commit.

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