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Fri Oct 10 00:58:00 EDT 2014

Thanks Ethan, that's great to hear that the pidgin devs are taking a look
at our work.
For your information, my changes to libpurple ( only add new APIs so it's
backward-compatible, so hopefully, this makes things easier for you to


On Thu, Oct 9, 2014 at 8:31 PM, Ethan Blanton <elb at> wrote:

> FYI, there's some real dicussion about this going on amongst
> developers, it just hasn't been on the list.  Several of us understand
> and acknowledge that this situation has been far from ideal, and we
> are working on way to get it fixed in a long-term fashion.  It is
> clear to me, at least, that there simply is not an active Pidgin
> developer with the time, energy, and/or expertise to handle VV issues
> at the moment.  We'll come up with something, stay tuned.
> Niklas Andersson spake unto us the following wisdom:
> >  Ericsson and Tieto are almost done with taking Lync to Linux, and
> > this month we will do the final integration of the FreeRDP-libraries
> > with Pidgin SIPE.
> This is great.
> >  After that everyone will be able to enjoy Lync on Linux with full
> > desktop screen sharing working both ways. I can only say that it
> > will be impressive.
> >
> >  Tieto and Ericsson is planning to do a public announcement about
> > this in November (tentative during Ubuntu Summit)
> >
> >  All our code is Open Sourced and sent upstream, but AFAIK the
> > patches sent to Pidgin is not yet incorporated in trunk.
> That is correct.
> >  It would of course be nice to say that all code is already in
> > upstream, but if we have to point to our own PPAs and github I guess
> > we have no other option.
> These are two somewhat different issues; accepting these patches
> upstream won't necessarily mean that they're in an upstream *release*
> for some time yet.  I don't recall if they require API changes or just
> additions; if they require only backward-compatible additions the
> delay would be much shorter.
> That said, we absolutely do need to get them integrated wherever they
> belong sooner rather than later.
> >  We are also onboarding more developers to help out with fixing
> > Pidgin-bugs, and I would very much prefer to do this in concert with
> > any Pidgin dev upstream, instead of maintaining a fork we are doing
> > right now.
> Understood and agreed.
> Ethan
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