SoC 2015 Students Announced

Eion Robb eion at
Wed Apr 29 04:24:09 EDT 2015

Hi all,

Google announced their accepted projects for Pidgin earlier this week.  For
those that are interested, the accepted projects are:

Port libpurple changes from Instantbird - Abel Serrano Juste (akronix),
mentor Florian Quèze
Rewrite chat log backend and frontend - Igor Gajowiak (igor.g), mentor
Tomek Wasilczyk
Facebook Messenger Protocol for libpurple - James Geboski, mentor Eion Robb
XMPP prpl improvements - Koosha Khajehmoogahi, mentor Eion Robb
Maintenance hero - Michael McConville (mmcc), mentor Ethan Blanton
Google Hangouts Plugin: Protocol Implementation - Nakul Gulati, mentor Etan

Congrats to our students on being accepted :)

(Also, it doesn't look like any automated acceptance emails went out to
mentors/students, so get in touch with either me or Tomasz if there's
something there that's not right, or if you need details to get in touch
with your student/mentor)

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