Michael McConville mmcco at
Sun Dec 20 22:53:59 EST 2015

Jorge VillaseƱor wrote:
> I just noticed that we have a PidginCellRendererExpander object which
> is a child of GtkCellRenderer.
> A quick grep/find shows no code using it. I presume it is dead code.
> Does anybody knows why do we have this? What is the purpose? Is
> someone using it?
> Shall I just delete it? (If I don't get an answer I will do)

Sounds like one of the many wrappers exported to plugins in the GUI API,
so (if I'm correct) there could be third-party plugins using this.
However, the fewer of these wrappers there are the better, as far as I'm
concerned. Maybe one of the plugin people will have more useful input.

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