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On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 5:13 PM, Youness Alaoui <
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> Hi again,
> So I've finished my windows build and had a couple of issues along the
way. Here are the issues I had along with their fixes :
> 1 - The script tries to download some stuff from over https but for some reason I was having certificate
verification issues. I checked the certs for the website though and they
are valid, so it might just be my wget version being old and/or not
recognizing the CA. Anyways, I added --no-check-certificate to the wget
args in that script to fix it. I figured since the SHA1 is checked anyways,
so it shouldn't matter. You'll probably not want to include this change
upstream though

You may have a too-old version of wget that doesn't support SHA256 certs.

> 2 - I had a few compilation errors : "ws2tcpip.h is not compatible with
winsock.h. Include winsock2.h instead" This is caused by the inclusion of
<windows.h> before <winsock2.h> because windows.h will include winsock.h
and it causes a conflict when ws2tcpip.h gets included. I had to move the
includes so that ws2tcpip.h gets included before windows.h is included.
I've attached a patch for that.

This is happening because you're using a newer win32api - there are lots of
reports of people having similar issues with various programs.
I'll commit the patch, thanks.

> 3 - The resulting binaries, once installed wouldn't run because of a
missing libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll. Turns out it's some mingw gcc library that is
needed. I'm not sure if it was because my gcc was version 4.8.1 instead of
the 4.7.2 you suggest, but I just added the -static-libgcc option to the
LD_HARDENING_OPTIONS variable in libpurple/win32/global.mak and that fixed
it (probably a better idea though to add it to the DLL_LD_FLAGS in
global.mak and the LDFLAGS in Makefile.mingw instead of the
> That's all there was! Thanks for the great BuildingOnWin instructions,
they were very detailed and extremely helpful in getting started.

This is part of the reason I haven't upgraded the version of gcc I use.
There are a number of problems using "-static-libgcc" like that (it's fine
for a static standalone thing, but when you have multiple things that are
compiled with different gcc versions, you potentially will have runtime
Eventually we'll need to bite the bullet and depend on libgcc*, but I'm in
no hurry to do that because I don't see any value in upgrading at this time.

> Thanks,
> Youness.
> On Sun, Jan 25, 2015 at 2:32 PM, Youness Alaoui <
kakaroto at> wrote:
>> ok.... see, now I feel dumb! :-$
>> I used to get the environment setup
for MSYS/Mingw (cygwin just didn't want to work) and when I had missing nss
libraries, I thought I had to build them myself. Didn't realize the
makefile was looking in the wrong folder since the pidgin-windev script
downloaded nss-3.15.4-nspr-4.10.2 dependency but 2.10.11 was looking for
the libs in nss-3.17.1-nspr-4.10.7 directory.
>> Anyways, my issue in building them may have been due to having VS 2008
instead of VS 2010 (I had a unresolved __imp___environ), but I wasn't
looking for help on how to get them compiled anyway :)
>> Thanks a lot Daniel! I can now finish my build :)
>> On Sun, Jan 25, 2015 at 2:22 PM, Daniel Atallah <daniel.atallah at>
>>> Prebuilt NSS binaries are already available (linked to from the page).
>>>  * for
the latest version
>>>  * for
the version that came with 2.10.11
>>> Each of those has a corresponding .asc GPG signature (signed by
DE890574) that you can download as well.
>>> It's hard to say what the cause of your problems building NSS is
without more information.
>>> -D
>>> On Sun, Jan 25, 2015 at 1:20 PM, Youness Alaoui <
kakaroto at> wrote:
>>> >
>>> > Hi,
>>> >
>>> > I'm trying to build Pidgin for Windows (to include the patch for
issue #14917) and I'm stuck at trying to get the NSS libraries to build. Is
it possible for someone who has them built already to zip the directory and
upload it for me somewhere ?
>>> >
>>> > p.s: Yes, I followed these instructions but it doesn't seem to work
as I keep getting errors. It seems I'm having a CRT issue at the moment
when trying to link the resulting nspr.lib file.
>>> >
>>> > Thank you,
>>> > Youness.
>>> >
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