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Máté Eckl ecklm94 at
Sun Mar 15 18:30:08 EDT 2015

Dear Pidgin Developers,

I browsed GSoC projects, and I'm really interested in the new protocol and
the logging system development for Pidgin. I'd prefer the new protocol
project, however I don't have any experience on networking from a
programming language. Actually neither in glibc nor libpurple, but I think
it's not a big problem. I can learn it, and as I'm an every-day user of
Facebook chat and Hangouts/Google talk through Pidgin, I'm motivated enough
to do it well.
Of course I have former experience in different programming languages
including c (I also studied it for one year at the university), c++, and
some others connected to web-development, and I'm also familiar with
protocols, and the bases of networking (this semester I'm building a DNS
server in the college).
Do you think this motivation is  enough to compete for this project? Or do
you have any special requirements I left out?

Best regards,
Máté Eckl
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