GSoC Facebook and Hangouts protocol implementation proposal

Máté Eckl ecklm94 at
Mon Mar 16 20:37:50 EDT 2015


I'm Máté Eckl, and I've already written on the mailing list (probably in a
bit too formal manner). I'm really excited about this native protocol
implementation project. So I tried to gather some information on these
things, and it was a bit harder than I had thought before. Finally I found
two possibilities but I'm still not sure about them being the right ones.
For Facebook I found the MQTT protocol as the base of the Facebook
Messenger but there is no search match for this on the Facebook Developers
page. The protocol of Hangouts is even less unambiguous. The only
slightly-useful thing I found is WebRTC but it seems to be capable of
audiovisual communication only. I didn't find any other possibilities
responsible for textual communication in the Hangouts. Also read that
Google's protocol for this client is not open at all for implementation.

Is there somebody who could help me with this? A possible mentor maybe?

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