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On Tue, Mar 17, 2015 at 6:22 PM, ujjwal wahi <w.ujjwal at> wrote:

> Hello,
> I am Ujjwal Wahi, master's student from India. I would like to work
> for pidgin on
> Easy plugins with a website project.
> With whom I can discuss this project?

Hi Ujjwal, this is the best place to discuss design.

> I have following questions in mind
> 1) Can we standardize that plugin developer must provide *.so and
> *.dll file, because as of now I see some developers provide these
> files, some provide platform specific packages e.g. deb etc.

We can standardize to whatever we find is the best design. Just need to
take into consideration that downloading/installing random-developer
provided binary files is dangerous. It have been mentioned the possibility
to get from them the source code and compile on our server and provide the
so compiled by us.

> 2) Do we maintain plugins database?

What do you mean? the back end have to have some database

> 3) Is there a review process for plugins to be listed?

Right now, installing a plugin is just a matter of copying the .so files to
the right place. We may want to discuss some distribution/signing

> There are of lot of improvements possible in current plugin system.
Yep. Looking forward for your proposal.

> Looking forward to work with you guys.
> Regards,
> Ujjwal Wahi


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